About Islamic Azad Univrsity, Quchan Branch


Islamic Azad Univrsity, Quchan Branch has launched its educational activity on Aban 2nd , 1368 by admitting 130 students in two undergraduate field of study: English Language Translation and Elementary Education. The first university’s building was 700 square meters with minimum facilities. Due to an increase in the number of new fields of study, attempts were made to build a university complex on Quchan-Mashhad Asian road 4th km. The complex first educational building with 8000 square meters area located in a 15 hectares site was inaugurated in Bahman, 1376. The next building was the central dormitory for female students since most students were female and they came from other cities and there was no suitable building in the city to settle down them. The first phase of the central dormitory was 2800 square meters where 350 students were provided with living quarters in Azar, 1381. At the same time, the administrative building was established, and then, the 2nd phase of the central dormitory, midwifery and nursing colleges, self-service restaurant, Sama educational complex, and Dr Javanbakht research-educational building were constructed. The university’ development continued by constructing Humanities college, Mosque, Kolahdooz physical education complex, repair shop, parking lot, and the 3rd phase of nursing college.

Now, Quchan Islamic Azad University is ranked as a very large unit which owns 44 laboratories and workshops with a library encompassing 62450 Persian and 14500 English books and specialized journals. The university has also been equipped with computer halls, café net, and private internet band of 20 MB. There are currently 93 PhD and MA academic members and 100 invited lecturers in 52 fields of study. Now, 4500 students are studying, and up to now, more than 23000 students have been granted degrees in different fields of study such as engineering, agriculture, basic science, humanities, and medical science. The university’s faculty wish all the alumna remarkable success in life and in serving our Islamic country.

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